Saturday, April 13, 2013

Got Some Cheese.....

.....go to with my whine???? Actually, right this very minute, the sun is shining....haven't see it for days ....the sun makes me happy! The sky is full of dark clouds so the sun will be gone by the time I finish this paragraph, but I'll revel in it now while I can! According to we are not suppose to see it until next saturday. I'm sorry if I talk about the weather so often, but when you live in Wi and have had the LONG winter we've had, one can't help it. It's the middle of April and we've had snow, sleet, ice, rain....over and over. Here, next to Lake Michigan, we've only had rain, we've been lucky!

I've been crabby! Life's not fair! I still have a bit of a cough/cold but am much better now. I've been busy, remember I'm an introvert and homebody so I need my alone time too! (along with sunshine). Thursday, my day off, I had lunch with my 2 grandsons at their school. I had a bunch of errands to run and coupons to use so took care of that before I came home. When I got home I made some yummy ham and potato soup. No sooner than I finished eating and my DIL called to see if I was taking the boys to Family Math night at school. Both mom and dad were off so why couldn't one of them go??? I really didn't want to drive the 15 minutes back to their school, but after mom's 3 calls I said yes. I looked like crap b/c I was out in the rain and wind while running errands and I just wanted to stay home and do dishes and laundry. But I felt guilty b/c grandson J was crying and I do feel it's important to get involved with the school activities.

When I saw the smile on his face I was glad I agreed to take him, his brother didn't want to go. We had a nice time and he won a prize. And guess what? When he go into my car he tells me he can come back home with me for was going to be at the laundromat near our house and would pick him up later. No one asked me about that, not that I minded....but..... I made him a very late dinner (I didn't know he hadn't eaten) and he got his reading done for school.

After lunch today I'm picking both boys up for the Wacky Weekend art project at the Rahr West museum. We try to get there several times a year. And then J will spend the night and part of Sunday. Unfortunately he is getting to be so demanding and bossy......I went through that with his dad and it is so stressful. He wants me to play with him....I don't mind some times....but I enjoy it when my grands can play alone for a while.  He is going to attend an anger management class and is excited about it. I wish the whole family could attending parenting classes.  *sigh*  I could go on and on but it just gets me too angry. I need to let it go and not impose my thoughts and ideas. I need to move at least 100 miles away!

As I said earlier it has been cold and dreary here and my bff is in sunny Fl...........not fair! I really need some peace and quiet and time to do what I want and sun!

My birthday is later this month and my calendar is filled with other family & friend birthdays too. One of the birthday perks I received was a coupon for $10 off any purchase over $10 at are the earrings I got for $2. Happy Birthday to me! I don't need any earrings......and shopping didn't really lift my spirits ......and I suppose underwear would have been more practical to spend my money one....but for $2 I really liked them.

Ok, I've wasted my time on the computer once again.............Maybe I better get dressed and pretty myself  up for the day.

Send sunshine PLEASE!!!

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  1. Well, I like the earrings, so good for you. You are a breath of fresh air to your grandchildren. I'm sure it will pay off when they get older. I have sunshine all day today and guess what? I'll be weeding until darkness makes it impossible to see another weed, LOL.