Monday, November 26, 2012

New Orleans

Early Saturday morning we departed on the bus for N'orleans. It was a nice mild almost winter day.    I got settled and crammed into my seat. Talked to the gals across the aisle. I kinda new Carla from a stamping convention but hadn't seen her in years. So we became friend again and took turns 'picking on' (aka teasing each other). If ya can't laugh at yourself you have a pretty sad outlook on life! We both have the Nook color so compared notes and apps. The first interesting place we stopped was at Lamberts cafe, home of throwed rolls, in Sikeston, MO. Yes, they literally throw the huge rolls to you. Those young guys seemed to really enjoy that part of their job.
Then they come around and pass out free handouts: deep fried okra, beans, and other things I can't think of. We also ordered food and had to eat that. Needless to say we all overate. That was lunch, for supper we stopped at another place where we got too much food. That was the beginning of "I ate too much."

In Memphis we stopped at the Rock n'Soul museum.
Interesting to learn about the history of rock n'roll. As usual I felt rushed through it and just skimmed. Next door is the FedEx Forum, and there was a game that day so the area was full of people. 

I really, really liked this purse made from albums ($60, I think). There were only 3 for sale and I didn't care for any of the artists that were featured so I saved myself some money.

 Entering New Orleans over Lake Pontchartrain
The houses are NOTHING like any I have ever seen.

Driving on the  Lake Pontchartrain Causeway - the longest bridge over water (continuous). ..bayou....houses....more water

 We took a river boat cruise on the Natchez......

 On a cold, cold day. I thought my jacket was on the bus, but it wasn't so I was in search of a warm sweatshirt and another woman in our party was on a quest for a camera. Doesn't it look cold as you gaze at the skyline? I had on a light t-shirt, thin sweater. When I got my free t-shirt from the casino I put that on too! I did find a nice sweatshirt and I was really glad it had a hood!

 On our first day of free time we walked Bourbon St to Pat O'Briens for lunch. I was bound and determined to eat outside (that's one of my favorte things to do on vacation.) We sat in the adorable little courtyard and were seated right under the heat lamp....everyone was happy. 

 We shared a Hurricane

 I saw lots of interesting, alternative modes of transportation. This couple was on the trip with us.

 I enjoyed the street artists! 

 many, many unique shops to stop in....we didn't stop here though

 narrow streets, with buildings connected
after several fires in New Orleans it was ordered that buildings had to be connected

this little car holds 2, not sure if I be brave enough to drive in something this small.

Bourbon st.
I wish we had gone in the evening with some of the others from the bus. The daytime atmosphere is just not the same. Many, many streets were still under repairs from Katrina.

lots of unusual sights

I'm sorry I didn't post sooner..........I was busy and it seems like I've lost that lovin' feeling for my blog. Do you ever feel that way? Even though I didn't have to do anything for Thanksgiving I am feeling overwhelmed with Christmas preparations.

Last we they 'killed' me at one did my job so I had 2 weeks worth of work to get done. I was glad I had to work Friday, that gave me time to get it done. I totally forgot about my oldest granddaughter's birthday and feel like a heel.

My husband came home a week early from Singapore, so he went to my mom's with me. Even though he is not demanding as far as cooking and cleaning are concerned I still get more done when he is not here.

I'll post more photos soon!

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