Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's Get Packin'

In less than a week I will be on my way to New Orleans! I am going with 2 friends and hopefully making a 3 one on the way. (A woman who barely knows one of the gals I am going with is being a 4th, so we can have 2 in a room). Guess I better get organized and think about packing. I do have a couple of things checked off my list. I found my overnight bag (for the couple of single night stays on the way there and home). There's a key and emergency numbers for my friend who will  check on the house.  I'm using up my gift certificates: appointments  1) for a hair cut and color :-) later this week. 2) I had a massage last week. I LOVE massages.  

Things to do yet:

  • plant flower cuttings that have been growing in water
  • print Red Hat info for everyone
  • make up a goodie bag for one of our Red Hatters who lost everything in a fire
  • actually pack for the trip
  • put all the boxes & bins back (in the basement) that hubby moved so the new furnace could be installed
  • clean, I like coming home to a semi clean house
  • put  up outdoor Christmas lights and put away all of my fall decorations.
  • and TONS more I am sure!
Wish me luck! Any suggestions for me? Thanks!


  1. Oh come and help me!...LOL I am sure I won't get half my stuff done.

  2. Oh, I wish I could tag along. New Orleans is a FUN place.