Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

Today I want to share a few things that I am thankful for.......tis the season ya know!

  • I'm thankful that my sister has found a great guy to love and that he loves her too! She's waited a long time for this. God had her focus on raising her son before He put Jack into her life. Logan will graduate soon and that part of her life will be past. She's HAPPY and deserves to be!
  • I'm also thankful that my good friend and (almost) former sister in law is finally happy and 'finding herself'. She had a lot of upheaval in her life the past year: loosing her job, starting school   at 40+, leaving her husband, raising a son who can be difficult, initiating a divorce, and dealing with a uncooperative (soon to be ex). She's started a new life and is HAPPY and deserves to be!
  • I received a phone call from my step son (who usually only calls when he needs something ..hhmmm) This time he had some good news to share. His supervisor called him into her office and showed him a letter she had drafted and that was signed but the other supervisors stating that they want to put him on as a full time employee (he is currently in a seasonal position that is ending as I write this) and send him to school for CNC training. :-) I am so excited for him! This is the break he needs, he's made a lot of bad choices in the past but is trying to move on. It's not for sure as I write this.....but I'll be praying.

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