Monday, November 12, 2012

A Sensitive Subject?

Well, this is kinda personal............but I think women all have to face it at one time or another in our lives. I'm fair skinned and have light, fine hair. I am over 60 and have been finding fine hairs on my upper lip and chin area. The chin area is easy to pluck, but a mustache? not so easy. It's really not that noticeable but it still bothered me. In summer I shave my legs every day, even though no one would probably notice, but I'd know. A friend of mine is also fair skinned but her body hair is darker and coarser. I know she does the bikini wax thing but I don't think she has problems with facial hair yet. I have often seen a woman in the grocery store that I frequent who has a dark mustache and I feel bad for her. Maybe she doesn't know what do do? or maybe she doesn't really care. Just because we are older does NOT mean we don't wanna feel attractive, some women care more than others, but I think we all want to look our best. One day, when I was browsing in Walgreen's I noticed this facial waxing kit. It was under $6 so I decided to try it. I have never, ever waxed any part of my body. I read the directions and decided to try it - heat in microwave, brush on, pull off. Ok, it stings a bit a first but there is a lotion to apply to help diminish that feeling. It works, it's easy, I like it, it's inexpensive! So if you are uncomfortable with facial hair and wondering what to do, try this, it works!

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  1. Dark hair here and taking that under advisement!ugh!

    I nominated you for an award. Come by my page in the morning and check out the blog.
    ~Naila Moon