Friday, November 2, 2012

It's a Party!

Our annual Red Hat Halloween party was Tuesday evening. The place where the reservations was made suddenly closed unexpectedly about 2 weeks before. Some of the queens who were in charge had to scramble to find a new location. It was really a better location, although we were year....This is our group of old hippies! I like it when we dress up as a group. A couple of years ago we were German bar maids.

As I walked in I noticed a woman wearing one of our aprons, so I commented "I remember that apron". She corrected me and told me she made them, apparently she had the material too and sewed some for her group. But we did wore it better! (Fashion Police verdict) We dressed more  constantly and uniform and looked more like a group. Just my humble opinion!

 I didn't recognize Sandy at first, great get up!
 BFF and me

 The senior 'chorus sang 'We Are Red Hatters' to the tune of Roll Out The Barrel
We are Red Hatters
We have a reason to cheer
We are Red Hatters
We're getting better each year
We are Red Hatters
We like to play and have fun
When you are amongst Red Hatters
You are number one!
It was really cute-notice the appropriate attire.

 Our Queen reliving her younger days????

 The nuns always show up to put a damper on our fun.

 One of our gals grows her hair so long and pretty for the special event :-)
Part of the group

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her mask and think I gotta 'get me one'

 Peace, man!

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