Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Art of Tablesetting

This year I was lucky enough to again view the interesting tablesettings at the Rahr Mansion. When I first heard about this exhibit MANY years ago I thought "Who in the world would want to see tables set  with dishes  and silverware? How many kinds of plates can there be?" Boy, I was I wrong. The table settings  are limited only by the individual's imagination. 
 If you know me, you'd know I'd have to pick this as my favorite (or one of my favorites). Perfectly coordinated: the ribbon napkin rings match the ribbon on the hat, the plate have polka dots. 
 I met a friend after work one day to walk through the exhibit, but the museum was closed. I really wanted to see it and it would be over by the week's end. What to do? I guess I was meant to see it because I got a last minute call  to babysit on Thursday so I had to drive to town anyway. I left early (for babysitting) so I'd have time to see the display before the museum closed. When I got there I was surprised to see my friend's car in the parking lot. The autumn one above was her favorite. 

This is up-cycling. They used broken parts from a bike shop to make something cool.
 It is more fun to have someone to discuss your interpretation with. 

 Carolee, a retired teacher, said she never had a place setting at her desk. It's all in the eye of the artist. 

I love the green and pink, but when I read the program I knew I had to share.  Read the program for the women's luncheon, in 1948, below. ......personal girdle care????  LOL

 A tribute to breast cancer survivors. 

The hat on the chair is exactly like the one in the photo.......that poses the question-which came first? 

"A Diversity in Marriage"
A merging of the Jewish faith and Christian faith. We spent a great deal of time discussing this one. 

 The one above is way too much for me.

 I love this autumnal setting too!

Are you a Star Wars fan?

 Of course, I HAD to have a photo of the Red Hat tea.

This one was done as a tribute to the artist's father, an avid hunter.

 In the lobby of the museum was a display of  painted  'Chairs for Charity'. Local artists paint the chairs and then thy are auctioned off, 50% the money goes to scholarships for visual and performing arts. I'm not sure where the remainder goes. They are fun to look at anyway. I am not an artist but I certainly can appreciate it! Hope you enjoyed this visit with me!

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