Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday/on time edition

Just a few random thoughts......I'm full of them, no wonder I can't fall asleep at night.
One of my mottoes seems to be 'be prepared'....

  • Is that why I tend to be a hoarder? know, I might be able to use that someday. But yet, I'm happy to have what you might need. On the first holiday function that I had with my husband's extended family I was able to give out a much needed safety pin (for a clothing malfunction). I even kept some extra clothes and diapers here for my youngest grandson (who never came over nor had need for them). When my sister in law became pregnant I purchased toys so their child would have something to play with when they came over. I have tons of toys and things for the grand-kids to do when they come over......hoarder or helpful? .....or is it a way of being in control of the situation?
  • Or is it my way of trying to get you to like me? I was never very popular; shy, not pretty, lived a sheltered life, etc. Maybe that is why my blog is the way it is; i.e. all over the place. Maybe I just want everyone to like me.
  • It's so much easier getting up before dawn of my own volition than when the alarm gets me up that early. 
  • The other day one of my employers told me that I am a simple person, jokingly I replied, "Are you saying I'm stupid?" I knew he wasn't and I am taking it as a compliment......meaning I do not have ulterior motives, am easy to get along with, am not a needy person. 
  • I voted last Thursday, in Wisconsin we allow early voting. It was really nice to get out when I wanted to and just walk up, verify my name and address, vote and walk on out. I don't know if I voted for the  right person, but no one does. Who DID you vote for you ask, or my grandson did. Well, if I told ya I'd hafta shoot you....and we don't want that, do we? *wink*
  • I still think my grandson has a touch of 'something' and not ADHD,      because: 1) he gets so obsessed with things (for instance, it was Dora for years, now it's Pokemon & spies), 2) he won't try new foods, the textures are extremely important/difficult for him, 3) he remembers (for a long time) the oddest things.  ....just my opinion.
  • Do you miss someone you have never met, someone who passed into eternal life MANY years before you came into the picture? I don't miss my husband's mother, she passed away many years before I met hubby doesn't miss my grandmother (same circumstances) so I am wondering why this young woman says she misses her husband's mother???? .....just sayin'.
I hope you survived Halloween! Here's a photo of some trick or treaters who visited us! 


  1. Being prepared and being a hoarder are two different things, but it can seem similar at times....LOL

    Missing your husband's mother just means that you wonder where he came from and parents can offer a clue as to why a person is who he or she is.


  2. Linda...did your bos understand your were kidding?! :)
    I think you are right.....he meant it in the best way.

  3. Deb, I guess I am thinking that when the child is very young when the parent passes, that the parent didn't have a big effect on that child's life, such as in my case. In my mind I can't miss someone I have never met, even my hubby's parents whom both raised him until he was an adult. Just my opinion.