Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Was Happy

Kwik Trip is a local franchise of gas stations/convenience stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. I drive past several every day and I don't mind because quite a few years ago I got a credit card from them. The company was  offering $25 worth of gas free with it....who could resist? And I always have to use gasoline, so that is where I buy gas now. In your credit card statement they always have coupons, many times for a free pound of bananas or potatoes...OK, that's about 2 items, but it works for me. I also get a small rebate check quarterly.

I pay the balance on my card every month. BUT.....for some reason, I forgot to pay (or even make a payment on) my $358 charge last month. (No, that is not normally what I spend on gas!!!) Of course they mailed me a letter informing me of a finance charge and $20 late fee. I made a payment and called them immediately, the gal on the phone checked my payment record, and before I could ask for it she told me she credited the finance charge and late fee. 
 Now that's another example of excellent customer service! Thanks Kwik Trip!

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