Monday, October 22, 2012

This 'n That/Weekend Edition

"The older you get the faster time goes", one of my mother's famous (according to me) quotes. And it is sooooooooo true! October is almost over and I don't know where the time went. All of my flower pots still remain outside; some contain hardy plants, still flowering; and others hold skeletons of formerly blossoming flowers. The weather on my days off has not been very conducive to work outdoors-lots of rain.   Yesterday, when it was sunny and nice outside, I was gone all day. I miss being at home and accomplishing something.....Guess I am a 'Martha'. And tomorrow, another nice day, I'll be at work.

Even though we've had lots of rain for the past 2 weeks it is still very dry here. It's sad to see the river beds and streams so very low, to see weeds growing where formerly water flowed, to see the ducks huddling in one small area. Saturday I drove to Clintonville (more centrally located) I noticed that the rivers are not as low there as they are here.

This past weekend was suppose to be my L O N G weekend, but Lisa wanted a day of vacation on Friday and I didn't have plans so I worked for her. Besides I can use the extra $ for my upcoming trip. She is always good about working for me when I ask to trade days. That is one of the things I mentioned to my boss when he was interviewing for the job-we need someone who is flexible with work days.

Every Saturday in October I had 2-4 things that I wanted to do.....and I'm the one who likes to stay home! I was finally able to make it to watch 2 of my grandchildren play in their soccer tournament on Saturday. The first game was at 9AM and it's a 90 mile drive so I had to leave early.

Grandson J spent the night on Friday so he came along with me, he loves to see his cousins. He was 'impressed' that we got up when it was dark outside. Me? not so much. I'm 'old fashioned' and don't believe that a child has to have every gadget available to them on a long car ride. J brought along several books, his journal, and some colored pencils. He read for a while then he recited the names of  mammals from the 300 page Wisconsin Mammals handbook he 'made' me purchase at a trip to Barnes and Noble this summer. I was pretty pleased with his reading.

live action shot of my soccer player

My oldest grand
daughter's cross country photo

We watched all the games, the weather was cool, we didn't see much sun, but at least it was not raining. As I was walking over to the field where my grandson was playing some woman yelled out "linda loves chocolate"....of course I look. I didn't recognize her at first, until she told me her name.......and I replied "I didn't recognize you with so many clothes on."   Her (laughing) "I hope no one heard that". The last time I saw her was this past summer...hence, not so many clothes on. And before that it was at least 40 years. We had a nice visit. And I guess she reads my blog ...the address is lindaloveschocolate :-)

Before coming home we stopped in to visit my mom. It was interesting to watch my mom talk to my grandson about her rock collection (she's a bit of a hoarder with stones). She game him some pretty ones and we'll find a place for them. As we got ready to leave he gave her a hug and said 'love you' without any prompting from me. Warms a grandma's heart, huh?

Grandson J had to go home Saturday night and he cried all the way home.......broke my heart. His 8 year old brother was at the other grandparents. His 2 year old (terrible 2's) brother was home with dad and 2 of dad's friends. J was so upset b/c no one would do anything with him and he'd probably have to watch his brother while dad played video games. Hopefully he got over it.

And now comes more fun.............Sunday morning my friend picked me up and we were off to Archiver's in Appleton to make some cards. We stopped in a tiny town for breakfast, a great breakfast. Deb had a Belgian waffle and I had an omelet. We split our food so we each got to have everything we wanted. I'll post some of the cards we made later in the week. We stopped at Goodwill, nothing too exciting there to write about. Red Lobster was next on our list....endless shrimp here we come!!! Neither one of us needed it, but we enjoyed it!

I had a 'coffee date' with a friend this morning. We met at the thrift store and then proceeded to Kathy's favorite spot for soup and coffee/latte. Two hours later we left our 'therapy' session. I am still in the process of cleaning up the kitchen and laundry usual..... Time for a piece of my fresh from the oven chocolate chip zucchini bread before I get back to my dirty dishwasher in this house.


  1. It sounds like you've been very busy and how very cool to meet one of your blog readers face to face!

  2. I agree with your mother's wisdom!