Monday, October 15, 2012

The Age Of Miracles/ Book Review

 Lately I've been reading as if all the books available to me will disappear in a week. I just finished THE AGE OF MIRACLES by Karen Thompson Walker. I usually don't read this kind of  science fiction books, I don't know why I chose this from Overdrive, but I did. 
I did enjoy it. It's about the time when the earth starts slowing down on it's rotation and axis around the sun. The periods of daylight and darkness increase. As the days stretch to 36 hours, 50 hours and more 2 factions form - clock timers and real timers and tells of the struggles between the 2. It expounds upon what happens when the daylight & darkness periods increase - from human sickness to plant and animal life dying. Apparently it was written as a young adult book, the story is told by a 6th grade girl as she lives through this time period and also as she grows into a teen. It's not the most exciting book I've read but it did give me something to think about.

Today was Monday!!!! Yippee ki yay!!! Much to my dismay I woke up at 9:50 this morning.....I never sleep that late. I couldn't sleep last night so I'm sure that is why. There was no place that I had to be so I just stayed at home in my sweats and had a 'me day'. I completed 8 pages for my scrapbook - nothing fancy, but it means I'm getting closer to getting it done. The fridge was full of leftovers so that is what we ate for dinner. I cleaned up the few plants I brought inside and then mopped the kitchen floor. Now I am off to make the bed (after washing bedding-guess Monday is still wash day) and then fold baskets of clothes.

Hope your day was productive too...........or whatever you wanted it to be.

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