Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

It's Thursday, time for me to let you know what I'm currently thinking about. My intentions were to be able to say "Good Morning", but I slept in today.....I actually don't like it when I sleep until 9. I was in a bit of a rush because I had to be at the elementary school for 'book munchers' at 11:15 this morning. It's only a 15 minute drive, but still.........

I've been thinking of kindness, especially some kind words that were spoken to me recently. My (soon to be ex) sister in law has been going through a difficult time and was suffering from depression earlier in the summer. She told me that the book I had given her to read was partly what helped her to move on to the very different life she's leading now. I don't recall the title but it was about how to handle life when you have to move out of your comfort zone. (I think this is the title If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat) I am a giver and when I saw this (either at a garage sale or thrift store) I hoped it would be something she could read and relate to. Makes me wonder: Did God put that book there for me to see? Thank you Michele for thanking me! Your kind words made my day that day.

And now for a story that made me cry....I do that a lot, thankfully not out of sadness. I work in a small office, by myself most of the time. If I talk to anyone it's the guys at work or maybe a truck driver or customer on occasion  One of the truck drivers is a short, ordinary looking, middle age (?) guy. I like to talk to him because he drives a limo on weekend and has funny stories to share sometimes. Anyway......his wife's birthday and retirement were approaching and he decided to do something special for her. OMG, did he ever! For 2 weeks he pulled of an elaborate scheme for her pleasure. He had a very few of her co-workers and his in on it . Anonymously she received cards, flowers, gifts, etc. On the last night of it he planned a dinner party for her, he even sent out invitations to the guests, himself included. After dinner she had to meet the mysterious person at the bar. He had roses for her and they rode in the limo. She never did figure out who was behind it. I had tears in my eyes when he told me about the last night of it. Such kindness, love, thoughtfulness. Bob, your wife is a very lucky woman!!!

And that is what I wanted to share today.


  1. Bob's wife is a lucky and blessed woman. Michele is blessed to have you as a friend and to have God put that book into your hands so you could share it with her.

  2. Linda, what an inspiring story. You've given me much to think about today...especially about being kind and doing loving things for others. I am so glad you visited me at Zetta' makes me happy to hear from new people. My blog is quite small, but I love doing it. And I can tell you love yours as well. =D