Saturday, October 6, 2012

World Card Making Day

Today is World Card Making Day. I like to celebrate some of the lesser known 'holidays', such as today's! Unfortunately I am not making cards today.....just doing the normal every day cleaning stuff.  But I can share some of the Halloween cards I have made.

Most of these are Stampin' Up cards. The kitty one below is my favorite. 
I still love the torn paper.
This one is quite elegant.....except the saying is stamped upside down on the top of the card.....have to fix that before I mail it. 

This skeleton was part of an invitation I used once for a Halloween party I invited the grand kids to....but I have lots left and I think they work great on a home made card.

Maybe I have ADD or just lots of interests......but I read, thrift, scrapbook, make cards, rant & rave, and sometimes I even clean and cook. So come back and see what's on my mind tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Fum cards. I have the Happy Pumpkin Day stamp too!
    I've been making some Halloween cards this week. Didn't know today was World Card Making Day!