Sunday, October 7, 2012

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

I do! I found these vintage buttons last week when I stopped at a couple of garage sales. These, and more, were in a sandwich baggie for 50 cents. I picked them up, not because I am button collector  but because I use buttons on cards, craft projects, and scrapbook pages. I didn't really look at the bag. I just decided that the price was right.
 Look closely at the prices......I wonder how much a card of buttons costs now??? I'll have to check Hobby Lobby this week.
These 'jet black imported glass' buttons, made in Germany -US zone, for 10 cents were a steal. I may just keep them on the card and not use them! Somehow I need to display them. I'm not a sewer seamstress, so it won't be in my sewing room.

These button sample cards are from the Lansing button factory in Lansing IA. My SIL gave them to me, her mother use to work there.

As I said earlier, I am not a button collector, but after I found the Lansing button page and looked at some of the vintage ads, I decided I wouldn't mind taking the factory tour. 

In the August 1943 Good Housekeeping Magazine there's a full page ad showing how to refashion a skirt and scarf from a coat......using lots of buttons. Interesting....Check out the ads if you have time. I never knew buttons could be so interesting.  And that reminds me....I wonder if I still have any of those old underwear buttons, do you?


  1. You ought to take those vintage ones still on the card and frame them. Hang them somewhere as art. They are really cool.

  2. Naila, I like that idea. thanks.