Friday, October 26, 2012

Thoughts on Friday

Well, I'm a day late and a dollar short...........story of my life. Mind if I go on with a few thoughts for this week? It's been a busy week.... it seems to me like it has flown by. I'm really tired and would like to go to bed right now, but I know my mind would just keep running..........

  • I like being tall: 1) I can reach items on the top shelf (I don't like asking people for help). I can also hide/put away things up high (away from young hands & eyes). Yesterday I was able to pound a nail high on a stud in the garage so I could hang up a summer wreath (for winter storage). 2) I can see over the crowd and for a distance.
Tuesday I was excited to meet a friend after work to see the 'Art of Tablesetting' at a local museum. Here are last year's photos. I met my friend at the museum and she was waiting in her car for me...hmm...the museum was closed. (insert sad face) What should we do now? We went to a deli for a sandwich. OMG, it was great!!! I can't stop thinking about that fabulous sandwich. It was the day's special so I'm not sure if it's a regular menu item, and even if it is, I very seldom eat there.

Thursday I was off work and I knew I HAD to empty out the flower pots that are all over the yard. We were expecting a cold front to move in later in the day so I decided to put sweats on and get my outside work done early.....I ALWAYS shower, get dressed, fix my hair, and put make up when I start my day...even if I am staying home to clean....but not Thursday. I was outside by 7:15 and got everything put away by mid morning. Later in the day I did stop at the thrift store and the library book sale. I had planned to get lots done at home....but plan A had to be scrapped and I went to plan B. My step son had left me a voice mail, when I was outside in the morning, asking if I could baby sit for a bit in the afternoon .... their babysitting had gone AWOL. How could I say no? I decided to leave early and stop to see the tablesettings before getting to their apartment. Participation was down from previous years, but it was still something to see. I decided to take the 3 boys to the library, which was a great idea b/c the 3rd grader had to do some research on the computer (and they don't have one at home). The 2 older boys are not a problem at all, but the 2 year old........he's something else. He never stops, he wanted to take every book off the shelves. I tried to read to him but we never made it past the cover. I know why young people have 2 year olds and not people my age!

I have plans with boys for tomorrow and later my step daughter and her family are stopping over. I should be DOING something tonight but I am parked in front of my computer and TV.

Watch for upcoming posts:

  • Christmas cards from Archiver's 'create a bunch'
  • photos from the 'Art of Tablesetting'
  • recent thrifty finds
  • more sweater flower pins
  • the ever popular grandkids
And now for the question of the 'day'.....when will I have enough time for everything I want to do???

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