Monday, October 8, 2012

the Enchanted Forest

Saturday evening I took my 2 grandsons to the Enchanted Forest at Woodland Dunes. I wanted to do something different with the boys, and it looks like we won't make it to the corn maze this year. Woodland Dunes is a nature center and preserve just outside of our fair, small, city. It covers almost 1200 acres. They had never been there. I don't know why their school district doesn't take field trips there. Many years ago I was there  with their dad when he was in elementary school. 

It was pretty hilarious to watch the kids 'bob' for apples. Ever tried to bite an apple tied to a tree branch? It ain't easy!!!

They had their 'bird horoscopes' told. After they give their birth-date a corresponding bird was chosen and the horoscope was read, the funny part was that the one for my younger grandson was nearly right on. 

Next we went for a hike in the woods. The way was light by luminescent, but it wasn't dark when we started. 

The first animal we met was the owl and he explained some interesting facts about owls. 

The fox.

The skunk even had her area scented, I didn't really notice it. I do remember that she said to wash in vinegar and baking soda if you get sprayed!

 None of us knew that spiders have 8 eyes, did you? They also regenerate their web every day.

It's a garter snake, not a garden snake, who knew?

Sitting around the fire enjoying pop corn. 
It was chilly-see the winter jackets? We all enjoyed it and decided to put it on the calender for next year. It was well worth the small cost. I am going to keep my eyes open for future events. I know they are having Owl-fest later this month but I can't make it. Woodland Dunes is another inexpensive, fun, learning experience for these boys who would never experience this if I didn't take them. I've decided that I take these boys not only for their enjoyment but then I get to go someplace and have fun too!!!

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