Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just a Rainy Wet Weekend

It rained for several days last week and has been raining here all weekend. When it's rainy I like to bake, work on one of my many hobbies, or read. Yesterday afternoon I went to a Creative Memories party. Barb had a card planned for us because most of the people Deb knows are card makers more so than scrapbookers. We made this adorable Halloween card using their new border punch system. I typed up the greeting on the computer because I don't have many Halloween sayings.
 I had some scraps left over so I decorated the inside too. Normally I leave it plain. I'll mail out a few cards to my grandkids  who live out of town, to my mom,  and maybe to a friend or 2. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want and need to work on my scrapbooks. 
In fact this afternoon that is what I am going to do, get out my Washington DC scrapbook.....the trip was a year ago and the book is still not completed. I NEED to go to a weekend retreat! Our grandson went home earlier today than usual so I might have time! It really bugs me that his mom will call when she is in the driveway for him to come out.....she can't even come into our house???  Am I that bad of a mother in law???

Grandson J slept most of yesterday afternoon and went to bed early last night so we didn't really do much together. He wanted to go to church this morning....he has WANTED to for the last 2 weeks...I wanted to stay in my jammies until I had to take him to Sunday School. But I figured I best make sure I go when he wants to, it's better than when I have to force  him to go.

Looks like it will be a nice, quiet afternoon...............big smile.......hubby is working on his sports cards, I working on my crafts.........leftovers for supper...............ahhhhhhhhhh............... I hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly!


  1. We haven't had much I really enjoyed a couple of rainy afternoons. They are the best for getting crafty and then curling up with a good book. I enjoy making tags with some of the other bloggers to exchange...not quite card making, but then I don't have to worry about the inside. LOL! Thanks for sharing your cute cards. =D

  2. I like the saying on your card! I might steal
    Thanks for coming to my "party."

  3. I love getting special cards like this one. It takes time to make them which I appreciate. This card is wonderful for the season!