Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer's Final Fling

This has been a very busy summer for me, I have done a lot with my grandsons. They were living in the same city as we are so it was easy. I got a pleasant surprise this afternoon when their other grandpa told me that he appreciated all the time I've spent with the boys this summer. Since I don't hear it from their mom it gave me a good feeling to hear it from her dad. 

Thursday afternoon we went to Barnes and Noble so they could each get the free book they earned for reading. While I was looking at a magazine I let them play games on the Nook color. B&N has tables set up just for children 12 and under so they can get acquainted with the technology. They've both used mine so knew what to do. The person at the help desk complimented me on their good behavior.........see mom & dad they can behave!

Friday night I watched all 3 of the boys (2, 7, 8) for several hours. Not exactly what I had in mind for a Friday after work................

Saturday morning I picked up the 2 older ones for Kites Over Lake Michigan, we go every year. This is the 7th year and I think I have gone every year. It just gets bigger and better every year. It's one of the largest kite festivals in the Midwest and attracts kitefliers from all over. I really look forward to it.

The weather was perfect, we arrived at the starting time, and the beach was PACKED!!! My SIL and her son met us there. Previously we've gone with husbands and my SS and other friends. Hubby and SS were working and SIL is estranged from her it was just the 2 of us and 3 boys. 

 ....and did they keep us busy................."help me get my kite up", "my string is tangled", "I'm hungry"....We really didn't get to see any of the festival kite events. Half jokingly I said that next year I am gong ALONE. But I'd miss the boys.......
grandson S is very serious about kite flying and even after 6 hours of being at the beach he was not ready to leave

the 3 cousins

Grandson J spent the night and S came over after lunch to fly kites at our place (actually at the school grounds across the street from us). It wasn't quite windy enough but he did manage to get the kite up for a little while. 

in spite of my warnings he did get it caught in the tree, but we got it free

We also took a break to relax under the tree.

MUCH to my surprise when hubby got home from work he wanted to go for a drive in the convertible and get something to to Culver's we went. It was a short, but nice date!
Tomorrow is mine!!! clean, do some reading, maybe can a few tomatoes............

Hope your last day of this final summer holiday is safe and just what you want it to be!!!!


  1. It's NOT over till this fat lady sings! BTW, your tomatoes are yummy!

  2. A beach is a great place for a kite festival. We have a fairly large kite festival on the campus where I teach in April of each year--but this year, we had NO wind!