Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Little Advertising

I have some friends.....(believe it or not, but I DO have friends) who are trying to get some interest going on their endeavors so I thought I'd do a small commercial for them:

  • Debbie, HERE, is my good friend and we sometimes write about the same things, but our views differ. But most of the time we are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  We've talked about and over a lot of things, talked each other into or out of some things, we've discussed our perfect parenting techniques, and have solved many of our friends problems (in our minds).  So hop on over and visit her for a while.

  • Kathy is another good friend. She took me to my first Christian Women's retreat and I'll always thank her for that. At that same retreat is where I got hooked on stamping cards and scrapbooking. She's a stay at home mom of a 12 year old. She's also a grandma of almost 2. She just opened an etsy shop, HERE. She's an artist and entrepreneur and has made jewelry from buttons, gems, and stones (that I know of). She has a sunflower tote on her site that I saw in person and it is gorgeous and well made! Stop over and give her some encouragement when you can.
Say HI to my friends and tell 'em I sent ya! Thanks!

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