Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have You Ever.......

Purchased something from a door to door salesman just to get rid of him? And I'm not talking about the encyclopedia salesmen who used to come around shortly after your baby was born. Geez, how many of us fell for that? Even tho our child could barely crawl we had the deluxe edition of World book Encyclopedias....with all of those children's books (that we'd never read to our little ones because there weren't any pictures, and kids like big, bright pictures to look at.) Back to my question.....yes, just the other day someone came to my door selling a concentrated, talk, talk.....and I bought a bottle of it. Partly to shut him up and get rid of him and partly because it did get the stain out of the carpet. Previously nothing I tried got rid of that stain. Good decision or not? Who knows. I did check  the internet and the cleaner does have high ratings.

Put an item in your shopping cart because you saw it in another shoppers and it 'looked good'? Yup, I do that.

Have you ever met someone, while on vacation in another country, and then go (alone) to visit that person, who lives in yet another country? I did. MANY years ago I was vacationing in Cancun with a girlfriend and we met another young woman who was vacationing alone (to get over a broken heart). I made plans to visit France (her name) in Montreal. So, several months later, trusting & naive me, went all by myself to Montreal to spend time with someone I barely knew. It turned out well and I visited her several times.

Talked back to a ringing phone and then answered it in your sweet, phone voice? I do it all the time at work. Why do customers have to call me when I'm busy? Oh yea, that's part of my job. Oh well.

These are just some of the dumb things I have done. Do you have any to share?


  1. One thing that I have done is to purchase something (when I had no intention to) in a store that I just went in to browse. Just because the salesperson was nice or attentive.
    Talk about buyer's remorse.

  2. I've bought things at big home shows where they show fantastic cleaners. They look so good when they demo them and yet when I get home they just don't seem to work the same. I've been suckered in more than once.

  3. I have visited people alone that I have met on the internet, like Sharon.