Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweater Flower Pins

After a morning of fun, an a afternoon of cleaning I 'allowed' myself some 'play-time' and made these pins out of old sweaters. I told you I was obsessed with these pins I saw here and knew I wanted to make some. I found some cheap, colorful sweaters at the thrift shop and cut some circles. The ones I saw at the craft fair were not perfect circles, much more ragged, but I like them both. The one on the left is for Red Hats and I had to use green in one because I wear a lot of green. They are so easy to make....... Start with some old sweaters, scarfs, or hats....I washed them in hot water and dried mine....then cut, stitch together, add a button and pin back and you're set!

Yesterday morning I was at my computer and thinking "what day is it?". I do that often, especially when I have Friday off. Aha! It was Friday and I was off!!! *grin* I was in the mood for breakfast out so called my friend, got dressed, and we were off! After a seafood omelet (not as good as we remembered them) we stopped at a garage sale and a couple of thrift stores. (some day I will have to post some of my favorite thrift store finds) Hmmmmm, my original plan had been to stay home all day and do some cleaning...... In the afternoon I cleaned out my SMALL extra closet (where I keep my out of season clothes) and found 3 grocery bags of purses and totes to donate. ....feels good! It's another cloudy, gloomy day today...........more cleaning? probably....... You see, I have a self imposed rule that I have to get something cleaned up before I can work on a scrapbook project or such. ....just the way I am.

Happy Fall y'all!!!!


  1. Oh, we have to make those together! I love the pins!

  2. Really cute. I may have to give it a try!