Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Amazing!

Isn't it amazing what kids are learning in school these days? When they start 4 year old kindergarten a child is expected to know and write his/her name, know the alphabet, know their colors, and count at past ten. And they can!!! Are kids these days just smarter? Probably not, I think it's the parents that are smarter....they realized how smart their children are and teach them. Those little 'sponges' soak up sooooooooo much! I was truly amazed at some of the things that came out of my grandson's mouth when he was younger.

one of my 4K granddaughters

'Back in the day' we had 5 year old kindergarten but mom didn't send me. I'm not sure if it was because I was shy or she was.......but I was told when I entered 1st grade I told her I could do it myself. Fortunately I like to read and learn. Even though I haven't taken any classes recently I do enjoy it.

I talked to a couple of my grand kids yesterday......the 3rd grader is learning keyboarding (we use to call it typing, and I didn't take it until high school, right?). He knows the home row and a few other keys (naming them) and told me which websites they use. My 4th grade granddaughter has her own Nookcolor and Netbook/notebook computer to use at school. Her teacher (50's) bought enough devices for each student in her class. She believes that strongly in the technology! Ava attends a school in a very small town. I will have to ask her to give me some tips for my Nookcolor....she probably knows more than I do already.

I think it is just fabulous that they are being taught how to use these things........ although I don't think home ec and industrial arts should not fall by the wayside either. (probably already have)

Happy Monday to all!!!! Remember it's my favorite day and I'm off to visit my mother this afternoon.


  1. Wow, I don't think we learned a lot of that in Kindergarden. Things have certainly changed! Some of it is good, but some I am not so sure about. Some of the things that are on TV now that even little kids can hear really bothers me. What kid needs to learn about ED?

  2. I think you're right Linda, we just didn't realize what little sponges they are. My 2yr. old grandson has been speaking in sentences for months now. Blows my mind! His mom has flash cards with 2-3 letter words and he asks to play the word game. I think it's good. Lord knows we need them smarter than ever these days!