Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask/More Great Customer Service

I've been toying with the idea of stopping at Younkers (a subsidiary of BonTon) on my way home from from work and checking out the Clinique counter. If you purchase $23 (I think) of product you get some free small size items. I like to do it once in a while..........but should I spend the $ or not?......Tuesday after work I stopped and decided I didn't like or need what they were giving away so I decided to pass on it.

But There was a problem with a GAL purse I purchased there earlier this summer so I thought 'it doesn't hurt to ask'. The zipper pull on the main zipper on top of the bag pulled off. I've had this happen before on clothing and usually there is a small piece left that you can grab a hold of or attach something to....but not this time. I was left with a flat zipper...very hard to use. The sales associate brought the manager over and after some major digging on her part we solved the problem. You see, I didn't have the receipt, they did not have one like it in the store (only this red one), and it was on yellow dot clearance. I (kind of jokingly) said I'd just take an even trade for my defective gold purse and take the red instead. Come to find out they were both summer colors and even though the red was severely discounted she made an even trade. I came home with a new purse just like the one I had purchased. I like the red better than the gold.

When I got home I promptly filled out the online survey, that manager deserved a great report and got it from me. It pays to be nice when complaining. I wasn't really expecting anything but when she tried to get me a refund I ran with the idea and came out ahead of the game. Thank you Younkers!!!

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