Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I was reading an email about scrapbooking tips the other day.....You have one photo, you love it, but what do you say about it?  It's just a child on a swing in your backyard. Other than just writing down the place and date, go deeper:

  • write a little about what kind of a child he/she is
  • what makes him/her what they are
  • the little things that you love about him/her
  • their likes & dislikes
  • something he/she is good at 
I really like that idea and hope I can keep it in my brain for a while. I sort of lean in that direction anyway. That got me thinking about the middle did I get that idea from the above? The middle child, the 'forgotten' child....

  • the firstborn is soooooo special and gets everything new and all the attention and more the time the 2nd child is born it's 'old hat'....and then the baby comes along....the last baby in the so cute! and no one (in a way) wants him/her to grow up.
  • my middle son always hugged me the hardest when I was in the hospital after an auto accident I was involved in.
  • my 9 year old granddaughter doesn't like being the middle child. It's partly b/c she has an active (aka messy) 4 year old sister whom she has to share a room with...and guess who has to clean it up? She's no slacker and will leave her mark though! Even though she has an older brother she does get some hand me downs from him.
  • my 7 year old grandson is the middle son and his creativity and individuality seem to be forgotten at times. The older boy is more likable and responsible, the younger one is very active and at a lovable/cute age. 

As a first born I have a totally different point of view and can not speak from experience. Are you a middle child? Do you have a middle child? What are your thoughts?

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  1. This is a nice post. Love the idea for scrapbooking. One day I will get on top of scrapbooking and all the ideas I have for creating one!