Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday/no complaints edition

  • I am so blessed to have 9 beautiful, healthy grandchildren (and I know you have read enough about them).
  • My tomatoes are really good this year, no blossom end rot. I LOVE fresh tomatoes and sweet corn! Next year I will plant fewer cherry tomatoes. Do you like tomatoes? How do you eat them? My favorite way, by far, is to eat it like an apple and salt every bite....not too healthy I suppose. Once in awhile I'll slice one and sprinkle some sugar on it. Is that common or do you find it odd?

  • I made some extra money at my BFFs garage sale by selling a few toys my grandsons had outgrown. Now I have a couple of boxes to drop off at the thrift out little by little.
  • Have you ever listened to a squirrel? They make a strange screeching, whining sound. I closed my eyes and tried to determine what the black squirrel sounded like as he 'called' loudly on our deck for at least 5 minutes. Maybe a cross between a cat and bird??? 
  • If I even want to fake a death scene I have the perfect look for dried hair color dries to look like blood when it gets on clothing. Just a little FYI.....


  1. Oh, gosh, Linda...that was funny about wearing the different colored shoes. Yeah, at least they were the same style. haha
    You're tomatoes look good. I haven't had a decent garden tomato since I moved from the midwest a few years ago. That's one thing I miss.

  2. I am very impressed by your tomatoes--ours didn't do so well during the long dry spell and then this morning, DH tells me we have a bunch again so they did survive. I've never tried them with sugar.

    And yeah for recycling the toys...we have many underfoot at the moment though just one grandchild lives with us.

  3. Wow. Great blog. I've flitted around your site, and it's fun and varied. Thanks.