Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

Just a couple of things that are on my mind today:
  • Seems to me that McDonald's is really trying to get us addicted to their fries - in this part of the country you can get a free berry chiller and fries if you save up 5 coupons from the receipts. Yes, I admit it...I've redeemed the coupons for said deal. I like the chiller, very tasty. I'm not crazy about the fries (I seldom eat fries) but I had to eat them b/c I don't believe in wasting food....but are those fries considered to be real food????
  • I won 2 spa gift certificates and can now get another pedicure
  • I also won a $50 certificate from the YMCA and plan to use it for a massage (I have to supplement my part time income somehow)

  • SS got another job after loosing the first one, hope this one works out 
  • bff's kidney disease went from stage IV to III and no longer needs a transplant
  • It's not fun to ride for 1-1/2 hours in a car with a man whom use to make you feel like a princess but now won't even talk and if asked a question it is ether answered with another question or with a very sharp one word answer
  • My One Hot and Tired Grandma post must have sent out some unintended vibes b/c I had a lot more readers of that post than normal
  • OK, so I have opinions.......I wonder, is it true that people don't like that? Should I just be silent and smile at everything/everyone and not express myself??? 
  • On this cloudy rainy day today I'd like nothing better than to stay inside and be domestic but I have errands to run, grand kids to watch and MUCH cleaning to do before my daughter her daughters come on Sunday....wish me luck!!!


  1. Good news about your BFF!! Yes, it's your blog and you can say what you like! LOL!!! I would love a massage! Maybe after I come home from my visit to my BFF!!

  2. Congrats to your BFF's better health news. Ditto on the car ride.....grrrrr....

    Yes, chocolate is the answer. :)

  3. Yes you can have opinions, but sometimes they need to be tempered (if that's the right word). Think twice before you speak. Of course, this bff is used to your opinions! I am sorry about the ride and how your prince has fallen off his horse!