Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

  • If you are hosting an event, either indoors or out, at your home or away, PLEASE DON'T APOLOGIZE  and say that it's not going to be as good as Mary's or Sue's or Martha Stewart's!!! It's YOUR home or garden and your event, do it the way YOU see fit! (Just another of my opinions).
  • Yes, I brake for garage sales. If I see a lot of baby items I pass by though. I haven't gone to very many this year........just don't need any more 'stuff'.
  • I like to sleep, just a couple of years ago I loved to get up really early (in the summer), but the past 2 years I like to sleep in..........what happened?
  • Is it my imagination or is Dawn's dishwashing liquid quality going downhill? I use Dawn almost exclusively, because the suds did not fade with greasy pans. But lately I have to keep adding it to my dishwater....even without greasy pans. What do you think?
  • Do I love spending time with my grandchildren? or is taking them just an excuse to have someone to go along with me to the places I really want to see?
  • Everyone's doing you? Do you like it? I think it's OK for some shots, but I don't really care for it for all photos. I just visited a blog and her photos of their new house were on Instagram and I thought it made for a bad presentation. Just my opinion....once again.


  1. I have not jumped on the Instagram bandwagon.

    Do not use Dawn soap, so I cannot comment.

    Taking grandchildren places is as good a reason as any to get out and see the world.

    And I want to have that bumper sticker at the top of your post!

  2. The best advice I ever got from Julia Child (on PBS, not in person): "Never apologize to dinner guests for your cooking. They should be grateful you asked them over." I took that to heart and have never looked back.

    I don't do Instagram either and only see it pop up on facebook. I do like (but have not tried) imgur, which at a glance seems to have far better quality.