Thursday, August 9, 2012

I shopped, I saved, I baked cookies.....

It's been a cloudy, rainy day today....but not too dark and dreary. At times it has actually been rather bright outside.......whoa, it's DARK right now. Could be a good thundershower rolling in. It's been raining all day and we do need it so I don't think anyone is complaining. 'Cept maybe my hubby 'cuz he knows it will make the lawn grow and he doesn't like yard work. Too bad for him!
all those black clouds I mentioned earlier dumped on us
Shopko had a good sale today so I went to get some 'chairs in a bag' and a new DVD player for the kids room. I couldn't get the chairs yesterday when I was there because the sale started today. Looks like everyone else had the same idea- school supplies, school clothes, and end of season summer items were being carted out as I entered. 
Of course, I had to stop at the thrift store...and here's what I got today: 
*never used Mosaic House Number Tile Kit (originally $14.99 at Hobby Lobby)
*2 magazines (I like to buy previously read mags...the price is much more reasonable)
*boys long sleeve navy shirt
*Red Hat cardigan sweater (dressier than the sweatshirts I usually wear in winter)
....all for a grand total of....drum roll........$3.47. I was tickled! A Red Hat sweater for $1.00??? Guess I just hit it right today. Yesterday, on my way home from work, I stopped at a 'boy' garage sale and picked up a coupld of things for the boys. I called my SIL and she stopped there too. The family had only boys and the items were priced quite reasonably. I really haven't been to many rummage sales this summer, I just don't need anything. Actually, I want to get rid of stuff. 
My bff is having a garage sale tomorrow (I hope the rain stops) so I took a box of VHS movies and rubber stamps, and a small box of miscellaneous items over there. No big ticket items....but maybe I'll make a couple of $.
I wanted to bake cookies today and use up some cereal crumbs so I googled and found this recipe: Hearty Oatmeal and Bran Chocolate Chip Cookies. I'll save the recipe an make them again. The cookie jar is full, I am anxious to see how it will look tomorrow morning when I get up (after hubby watches TV tonight and packs his lunch for work).
I'm off work tomorrow! Woo Hoo, can life get any better????

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  1. We may have some chances for rain this weekend. Oh, how I hope for a slow soaking rain. We need it so much. We are in a drought here and rain would be so welcome.