Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fall is in the Air

Yup, it's beginning to feel a lot like's dark outside until almost 6AM, the birds are not singing at 4:30AM any more. 
The hot and humid days are past. The evening starts earlier and feels cool and damp. My tomatoes are starting to look a little run down, but they are ripe!!! A few errant leaves are drying up and falling to the ground. 
Thoughts of Halloween surround us. 
Our Red Hat group attends an annual Halloween party and we like to dress up as a group, this year we are dressing as an era: the 70's. I've been watching the Mary Tyler Moore show for clothing styles and will be hitting the thrift store soon for some new duds. 

I still wanna be sitting in this chair, overlooking the lake, with a good book in hand. 
This is an easy card I made at convention this spring: 2 pieces of patterned paper on the front, fancy punch (which I did buy) up the middle, punched image, stamped phrase....and it's (one of) my ideal spots to be!


  1. yes there is a feel of autumn in the air!

  2. I've begun to feel a bit of a nip in the air too. And with school starting tomorrow for me, my thoughts are definitely turning to fall.

  3. i love fall! that halloween party sounds fun :)