Monday, August 13, 2012

Mackenzie is 4

You're right-more about the grand kids. In 3 weeks they'll be back in school and (hopefully) I'll have more time to devote to MY interests. Saturday night our 2 grandsons spent the night. The older grandson is very active and wanted to set the tent up, so we did. Of course he wanted to sleep in it....I am NOT going to sleep outside in a tent....been there, done that....and it was loads of fun (back in the day). Hubby is not a 'fun, kid loving outdoor kind of guy' so he wasn't going to sleep in the tent either. The boys are 7 & 8 and I wasn't if I should let them sleep outside by themselves.  I told them to ask grandpa and he said 'yes'. We live in a small town, our backyard is very private, the tent was set up right next to the open windows in the family room,  hubby was sleeping in the family room, and we left the lights on in the back yard for them. I didn't think the younger one would sleep in the tent. They went 'to bed' at nearly 10PM and, much to my surprise, they stayed out until about 5AM when they got cold and had to use the bathroom. I didn't hear them come in but grandpa got them all snuggled into the bed upstairs to sleep for a while longer. 

grandson J made this SPECIAL card for the birthday girl

 Sunday afternoon we went to our youngest granddaughters 4th birthday party. Her parents have a condo on a golf course and had the party in their back yard. It was a nice, family gathering. My daughter and her family were there also, so I got to see more of my grands :-)
I LOVE this birthday cake made of cupcakes

some of my grands enjoying the cake

the 2 girls are 4, the 2 on the right are my daughters children

the birthday girl loves to dance-notice the new shoes
 Hubby, SIL, and bff's hubby golfed 9 holes while the rest of us played with the kids and visited. I talked to another couple who love to read and share my love of the Nookcolor.
my oldest grandchild and grandson J play badminton

everyone played games with the kids, grandson S doesn't like to sit still 
This week I have to get ready for my 9 year old granddaughters visit with us. Ava is a dear: very easy going and loves to clean....I may keep her! I do have an adult event club on tuesday! Yay!!!! eating out and adult discussion.

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  1. Linda: Hi. I just saw your comment on my blog and so followed it back to here. I will enjoy getting to know you as I read through your blog!

    I see you do have grandchildren! I am awaiting my first one (granddaughter) who is due to make an appearance in about two weeks!