Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I feel really lazy today....too lazy to even blog....but  I tried to comment on a blog and this VERY annoying ad popped up on the comment area. It just rose like a bubble to the top of the page and I could not click on the small X to close it. I tried a couple of time to catch it........I don't wanna play games....and it really burned me up. I tried a couple of other blogs and I didn't get that ad.... I know it's not her fault, but what is going on? Is it me/my computer? I get ads on the right side of the page all the time, at several different sites, very tricky ads that you must close on the tiny X, not the one that looks like you should click on it.
vase on the fence outside
A couple of weeks ago one of my followers got the message that she was blocked when she tried to read my blog. No one is or has been blocked! Sometimes when I click to read a blog I end up at a totally unrelated page.....does anyone else have problems? Is it me? blogger? suggestions?


  1. I like your hanging vase!

  2. Do you have a pop up blocker on?If so,my first guess would be virus.

  3. I've not had advertisement problems and I'm definitely not blocked from commenting. It's weird.