Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

After a really hot, sticky spell today was a perfect day....just a very few clouds and about 79 with a wee breeze. I wanted to take my grandsons to the beach today but mom had other plans....onto plan B- we'll go to the Aquatic Center tomorrow afternoon. But what should I do??? Stay home and clean? I did a little of that last week. Sit on the deck and read? Always a good idea, but kinda boring.....I stayed home all day yesterday and felt like getting out. I do have something going on every day this week.... Go shopping? I don't need anything, don't have any extra cash, and who wants to be inside on such a nice day??? Work on my scrapbook? My work table is in the basement....not a place I want to spend a sunny afternoon. Alas, I decided to pack a sandwich, grab a chair and my book, and head to the beach alone.

saw quite a few colorful umbrellas
I slathered sunscreen on twice. I don't need anymore sunburn and am planning to be in the sun tomorrow too. The beach was not crowded and I planted my chair far from the water and in a quiet spot. I could still hear the voices and laughter but as background noise. I read a magazine and started my book as I ate my sandwich. I like eating a sandwich at the beach and will have to do that more often...I hafta eat y'know??? After about an hour I decided to walk and look for some flat stones. Much to my surprise the 'big lake' was warm....Lake Michigan is always cool, so cool that your legs feel numb when you're wading. Most of the time I ambled along in the water with my head down looking at the sand or water. I wanted to walk out to the sandbar but I was wearing capris and didn't wanna be all soggy. I said a few words to some people and to the owners of a small dog who decided to jump on me (as to protect his owners). He was sooooooo cute, could have brought him home with me.

pretty day at the beach
Pros of going to the beach alone:
  • thinking and talking is optional
  • no kids to watch
  • no one wants me to buy them a snack
  • I can read uninterrupted and don't loose my page
  • I can sit where I want to
  • I can come and go at my leisure
  • not so much stuff to haul
  • none 
Would you/do you go to the beach alone?

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  1. It's been a few years since I've been alone, but I can indeed imagine doing this. I think you made a great choice.