Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I was going to write this yesterday, but: 1) it wasn't Thursday and 2) I was too darn here I am ON THURSDAY!
hubby driving in the car cruise last Friday. I missed it b/c I had made other plans earlier this summer :-(
Someone asked why I haven't been posting .......too busy, nothing to write about, too lazy...I'm not exactly sure why. But here goes:

I've been thinking about the fires in Colorado Springs, b/c I use to live there. It took so long to get it contained.  And then when some people went back to their home (if still standing) they found that they had been vandalized :-( Adding insult to injury, what a disaster to bear.

I do not like eating with my fingers.......sometimes I use a fork for french fries and pizza and even the banana bread I am having now. Does anyone else share my desire for clean fingers?

It has been HOT, but I can't really complain b/c near the 'big lake' we are a bit cooler. Last night it was quite pleasant outside and this morning (at 6AM) it is 72. Usually I am OK with just a couple of fans. We do not have a/c (seldom need it), only a window unit for the bedroom. Hubby hasn't put it in yet (projects at home are not high on his priority list). He worked 14 hours yesterday in a factory so I wasn't about to ask him then...he's off tomorrow though :-)

I did not go to the fireworks last night. I was sooooo tired. I had forgotten to turn my alarm off the previous morning so it went off at 5:30 yesterday and I couldn't go back to sleep so got up shortly afterward.  I think what really made me wake up was thinking if I really had to go to work...the usual what day is it scenario that runs through my head. Getting up that early wouldn't have been so bad had I been able to fall asleep the night before. Hubby had to work and I WANTED to stay home and accomplish a few things (which I was able to do). Was it wrong to act like it was a normal day and not attend/host a cook-out? Sometimes I feel like I am competing and have to do something when it's a know when someone asks "what did you do?" Am I too old, boring, unfriendly, and unloved that I have no one or nothing special to do on that 'special day'?

Which brings me to another question I have been pondering...... Let's say someone asks "What are you doing tomorrow?" I reply "Nothing". When, in reality, I am not going anywhere but have plans to stay home and clean, craft, or maybe enjoy some 'me time'. Should I stop saying "nothing"?  I was planning to catch up on laundry but should I agree to babysit (or whatever that person is going to ask me to do)  b/c I said  I was doing nothing??? Some days I don't do much....but I do treasure quiet time alone! I don't enjoy housework but it needs to be done and I like how things look after it is done.

We did get some much needed rain and (not needed) wind last night or early morning. My potted tomatoes were tipped over and broken. I had 2 sitting in the wagon because I moved them out of the way. They usually sit in a sunny spot in front of the garage. SS and his cousin scraped the garage yesterday and were planning to paint this morning. Will it dry? Will SS throw a fit if he can't paint today as planned? (b/c his cousin is leaving and is only available today)


  1. I'm gradually learning that if I don't make plans myself...that some sort of plan eventually emerges amongst the members of my household.

    I would say that when you need time alone that you not say "nothing" when someone asks what you're doing. In fact, you don't owe people an answer at all.

  2. "What are you doing?"
    Answer: "I have plans." Doesn't matter what they are, NOTB, just plans!