Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Same Kind of Different As Me

The Lit Wits (my book club) read this book last month. It was mentioned in the book Heaven is for Real and I decided to give it a try before I even knew it was the book club selection. Same Kind of Different As Me is written by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. These two, very different men grew up in the 50's, both were poor, but as they grew up their lives turned out so very opposite. 

It's a true story of how these men became friends, more like family, because of the vision of one woman (Debbie). Ron & Debbie's marriage is on the verge of divorce but Ron agrees to try to save it and Debbie's passion is the homeless. Only to please her, Ron agrees to help at the homeless shelter, his heart really is not in it but he goes anyway. Debbie loves the people there and tries to really know them. One night she has a dream and sees the face of the man who will change things. Weeks later that very face shows up in the food line! He's a big, crabby, smelly, very private man  whom Ron wants to avoid, but Debbie really wants them to become friends. It's quite a process but the men do become very close friends. This book tells of how their friendship grew (Denver does not want a 'catch & release friendship') and helped each man, and what the love of one woman can accomplish.
Some of my favorite quotes from Denver:

  • "just doin what he was raised up to do...."
  • "'I woke up' and that's reason enough to be happy"
  • " those precious to God become important to Satan"

The Lit Wits met at a new Mexican restaurant (eating is one of the things I do best). It was a gorgeous summer evening so a couple of us drove our convertibles (yes, we must take advantage of our short summers). The food was very good (I will go back) and so was the conversation. One of our members did not like the fact that the book was written for money and another is in the making also for money. I didn't think of it at the time, but aren't most books written for the money???
Yup! My advice is to read this book.

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