Monday, July 23, 2012

Sightseeing Right Where I Live

Sometimes I wonder if I am mad ???- (defined as: mentally disturbed; deranged; insane; demented).
I'm an 'empty nester' and love it! I work part time and like that! I'm rather independent and don't mind my own company (that's OK most of the time). I NEED my me time! I'm healthy (for the most part). I have hobbies, friends, and lots of things I like to do. I live near Lake Michigan and can go to the beach anytime I want. So why am I not taking advantage of this great time in my life to enjoy the activities I want to do....or am I?

the Zippin Pippin-Elvis Presley loved this roller coaster

I have 9 grandchildren, from almost 2 to 12 years of age. To be honest, I am not much of a 'kid person'...I just don't have the patience for children...unless they are my grandkids. Most of them live 1-2 hours away, so I don't see them as much as I'd like to. Just like everyone else, they are busy. Their (excellent) mom's have them participating in dance, sports, scouts, and other such organized activities for children. Three of my grandsons live in town and I have been spending a lot of time with the 2 older boys (7 & 8). Last year I didn't do much with them, but this year I can't get away from them....(it has been my choice so don't get me wrong). It seems as if I am with them 2-3 times a week. Saturday morning I picked up the 2 boys and met my son and DIL at an amusement park. It's not huge but it is greatly affordable, most rides are .50 and the biggest ride is $1.00. We were armed with  240 tickets (at .25 each) that the boys had leftover from a visit earlier in the week. 
feeding our feathered friends - free fun!
Some of the rides required an adult to be with the child. Thanks to Connie, Tim, and Ken we had plenty of adults to go around. I don't do rides, except for the bumper cars. Grandson S had to be measured just in case he grew 3" since he was there on Wednesday. (the driver has to be a certain height to go alone)
bumper cars -2nd favorite ride (after the Zippin Pippin)
 My son and his family had some friends along and we all brought food (everyone made a pasta salad and we had 2 bowls of watermelon) so we cooked out and spent most of the day there. After lunch the sun came out and it got hot! We parked our coolers at one end of the park on picnic tables and left them while we perused the park, without a worry about anything being taken. Life in a mid size town in WI is good!! I'm glad my kids are like me and like to go in the morning....and not mid afternoon! I made an easy supper when we got home and grandson J and I crashed....his meds make him sleepy. The boys spent the night again.
S is a really good helper
 Grandson S and I set up this tent for the boys to play in. 

Sunday afternoon I wanted to go to the open house at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. I was planning to go alone, but the boys were still with me ....and they decided to go along with me. 

Hamilton Industries, Two Rivers, WI

Founded in 1880, the Hamilton Manufacturing Company is essentially the centerpiece of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Not only is the factory building located in the middle of the city, but practically everyone in the community either worked there at one time or knows someone who had.
Hamilton manufactured a bunch of stuff at one time; ranging from electric dryers to drafting tables to wood type. Nowadays the firm is a pale, divisional shadow of what they were in their height, but they've stuck around..
Sadly this former huge employer (where hubby and SIL worked) is leaving our community later this year)

a few of the items formerly manufactured 

this mini dryer never went into production
it's about the size of a microwave-see in photo below

lots of lab and school equipment was manufactured there

making a print

observing engraving with the pantograph

samples of some of the wood type

the prints the boys made
 After I dropped the boys off at home I went to the Historic Washington House for an ice cream cone. When I have visitors from out of town I always take them to the Washington House. They serve real ice cream in the ice cream parlor. I like soft serve, but some people don't. It was really busy there b/c the wood type museum is just across the street so I got a mocha frappe from McDonald's instead.
remembering our war heroes

 Many murals were uncovered during the renovation of this historic building and redone. The upper room is a ballroom and downstairs is the museum full of local history. Did you know that Lydia Clarke Heston (wife of Charlton Heston) was born in Two Rivers, WI?

 Some of the murals lining the ceiling. 

These are just some of the local sights to see in the town where I live. Add these to your list if you come to visit. 


  1. It looks like you are getting out and about. I love the idea of the boys making prints. And I'm impressed by the mini-dryer!

    My grandsons have been wanting to go to $20 a head! We haven't made it...yet.

  2. Linda, lots of neat pictures!

    I understand about needing me time! I like to say I am having an "extramarital affair", with myself! I'm getting to know me.

    BTW, if you live near Lake Michigan, then you must be suffering the grand heat of this midwest heatwave....perhaps it's zapping your energy to do things?