Monday, July 16, 2012

One Hot & Tired Grandma

view from my poolside chair
Yes, we are in the midst of a hot and dry spell, a drought in the Midwest. There's a burning ban in the county and the grills in the local parks are bagged and covered and we are directed not to use them. I think today was the hottest day so far. We do not have a/c and I am OK with that because I am usually fine with a fan. Today I have 2 fans going on me and can't wait to go upstairs to fold the laundry in my air conditioned bed room. I am putting it off b/c I know once I am in the bedroom I will not want to leave it! So what did I do today? I went out to lunch with hubby and 2 of his friends. Then I baked banana bread and mopped the kitchen floor. I'll fold the laundry and call it a day's work. I won't mind going to work tomorrow in a nice air conditioned office. I know I've been awful about posting lately. The past week I was doing a lot with my 2 grandsons.  
I like the lazy river

Monday afternoon we went to the local water aquatic center. It's not really big, but it is great for this area. It's nice b/c at 7 & 8 they run and find kids to play with and I do not have to watch them every minute. They do make sure to find me when they need a snack. I read my book and when I got too hot I hopped onto a tube and floated on the lazy river for a while. Grandson J 'made ' me go down the yellow slide and I liked it so much that I went down again. Tuesday and Wednesday I had to work. Wednesday night was our book club meeting at a new Mexican restaurant.....YUM. Thursday afternoon I took the boys  to the library and of course, they wanted to come here afterward.  Friday I worked again and that night I took them to watch a movie in the park at dusk, sponsored by a local church. They passed out free soda & popcorn. It was a beautiful evening to watch Dolphin Tale (good movie if you haven't seen it.)

this slide was fun

no corn on the cob for this kid
Saturday morning I picked the boys up at 11:30 so we could tour some caves about an hour away.
it was nice and cool down here

I don't ever remember being in a was cool and kinda muddy in spots. The kids crawled though the tunnels, I (and most of the adults) took a ladder to get to the other (connected) caves. I think the boys learned a lot more from actually crawling around in a cave than reading a book or watching something. 

They usually spend the night on Saturday so we came back to our house after the cave tour. I think we were all hot & tired (at least I was and grandson J-who can be difficult at times). I made a easy meal, they took baths, I showered we vegged in front of the TV. J was asleep by 9 and I dozed off early too. Grandson S (where does he get his stamina from?) was watching TV until 11:30 he said.

After a relaxing morning (well, sorta- I played a short game of Monopoly with J) we grabbed a quick lunch and were off to the beach. Their mom called earlier but never said anything about picking them up so...... We have a large beach area here and it was packed (as I expected). Going to the beach with the boys is a LOT more work than going alone........they had fun though and that is what counts. Yesterday I did have my suit on and did walk out to the sandbar. Maybe I'll be a beach bum one of these nights after work this week.

why? oh why did he ask to be buried in the hot sand?
 I was soooooo tired when I got home. I showered, put on a cool sundress, make a glass of iced tea, found my book and a place in the shade and just relaxed. I LOVE my grandkids but I think I overdid it last week. ...or maybe it's the heat....anyway it was really nice after I dropped them off at home last night.

And I do feel guilty because I do a lot more with these 2 boys than with my other grandchildren. They live in town and the others are over an hour away....but I still feel guilty.

I have a busy week again...but not as bad as last week.


  1. Do. Not. Feel. Guilty. It sounds to me like you are one amazing grandma--to go down the slide twice and into a cave as well.

  2. No guilt Grandparenting could be your new mantra...

    It will be mine too.