Monday, July 30, 2012

I'd Like a Month, Please

Why haven't I been posting?

  • I don't wanna bore my followers?
  • too busy?
  • laziness?
  • lack of interest on my part?
  • computer down?
  • too hot to think?
  • all of the above?
In reality it's only some of the above. I intended to write some Thoughts on Thursday but the day got away on me....don't ask me what I did though because I'd really have to think about it. It's summer and I'm trying to squeeze some fun out of it, and I think I've been doing a decent job. If you take a look at my house you'll see that it's been neglected. One would think that with only 2 adults living here it would be neat as a pin....well, it's not! I have far too many interests and distractions to be Suzy Homemaker (although in high school I did win the Betty Crocker homemaker award-you didn't know such a thing existed, did ya???)

I've been doing more things with my grandsons this summer. In August one of my granddaughters is coming for a visit.

Friday I spent most of the day with my mother. I brought shrimp dinners for us, a real treat for her. Then I took her to her doctors appointment. We were in and out in no time....very pleasant. Before I took her home we drove around town to see what was new. It was a nice visit for both of us.

Last Saturday I and another gal had a surprise birthday party for my SIL. It wasn't exactly an easy task b/c Sandie (my co-conspirator) is busy with her family and attending an accelerated school program (for displaced workers). After a bit of detective work I got in touch with SIL's babysitter and had her hand out invitations also. I didn't know 1/2 the people we invited and no one RSVP'd. About a week before the party some friends also surprised Michele and she wasn't too happy about it. So the afternoon of the party I stopped at Michele's with the ruse of dropping off her gift (she knew I wanted to come over) and I gave her an hour's notice of the party. It worked out well because she had cleaned that morning so was all set. And we did surprise her!!!

roasting marshmallows for S'mores
 Her son was at his dad's and missed the party, but that was probably OK because it was more relaxing for her then. The weather was perfect, we had a nice group of people, friends that she hadn't seen in a long time were there, there was enough food.....all was good!

....and then the drama....

  • My step son got a temporary job at the same place hubby works - good news. But....he missed 2 of  4 days (overslept). E has a tendency to quit and feels like a total looser and hubby is NOT happy, after all he stuck his neck out for his son. I am not sure if E called his supervisor and went in today or just gave up. Much more drama in SS life that I am not going to get into. 
  • BFF and her sister had a falling out over a $10 payment and sign up for the Red Hat picnic. Deb gets upset easily and was quite emotional about it. They have since made up.
  • my grandson misplaced the remote for my TV. Sometimes I don't watch it for a week, but last night I wanted to veg in front of TV and couldn't find it.......
  • SIL called me late yesterday afternoon (just 2 hours after I left her house) with a shaky voice....she just got done doing CPR on her neighbor. Donna is an older lady whom Michele just loves. Donna stopped over on Saturday afternoon to wish M a happy birthday and said what a blessing M is. Donna's son and his wife live across the street from M and were also at the party. M walked across her driveway to give Donna and her hubby some birthday cake and found Donna laying on the ground. M was able to yell for her son to call 911 and the dispatcher walked her through the CPR. Even though she is certified in it it is not easy to do when your mind is racing. I received an email from Michele this morning saying that it doesn't look good for Donna. Even if Donna does not make it M was at the right place at the right time. 
After supper I felt like getting out (I knew hubby was angry with his son, but he doesn't talk) so I asked M if she wanted to go for a walk. So we walked along the Mariners Trail along Lake Michigan. I wanted to look at the pretty flowers, and we did! It was overcast and breezy but I was very warm. Half way through our walk we crossed over to a hotel for a potty break, M got a bottle of water, and then we started back. It was a loooooong walk for me,  but I can still move to day so all is well.

there are lots of flowers and sculptures along the trail
Tomorrow I am going on a day long home & garden tour (bus trip to Door County) with some friends. I am really looking forward to it. I'll try to post some photos later in the week, no photos are allowed in the homes tho :-(.

My schedule for the remainder of the week includes:

  • working Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • alter guild at church
  • outdoor movie in the park with my grandsons
  • birthday party on Saturday
  • dermatologist appointment

So I'd like a month ALL TO MYSELF, PLEASE!!!!
I love my family, hubby, grandkids, or people of any kind unless I initiate the contact. (and no guilt feelings if I don't)
I want the house to myself, I can stay or go
Put my job on hold.
Phone is turned off, but more importantly, the computer is off (or maybe limited to just the BUSINESS I have to do)
Freedom to do what I WANT and not what I should

Is that too much to ask??? ....probably...but I can dream, can't I?


  1. That story about the CPR had my heart racing! It sounds like you've been VERY BUSY and you certainly do not owe ME any apologies. In fact, I've turned in my grades and plan to keep a very low profile on the Internet for the NEXT THREE WEEKS. Hope the problem with husband's son resolves itself soon...we've had dramas like that at our house as well.

  2. Even though I am disappointed in E, I will keep him in my prayers.