Friday, July 20, 2012

the Friday 56/ The Fences Between Us

It's that time of the week.........Freda's Friday 56
p.56 "...Mrs. Harada? The only way she'd be a danger is if you tried to help her in her kitchen."

This is one of many books by this author, Kirby Larson. She has written a series of YA book in the dear diary concept. This book was given to me by a good friend and retired teacher. Piper Davis is a junior high student and daughter of a minister who has a Japanese congregation. She lives with her older sister, a brother who just left to join the army, and her father. The story takes place during the time of Pearl Harbor and WWII. She writes in her diary of preteen girl 'stuff', her worries about her brother, and the unfair incarceration of the Japanese living in Seattle, and how her father moves them so he can minister to his church family. It's an easy read (YA) but very good. I learned what happened immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor...innocent people were removed from their homes and businesses just because of their heritage. Looking back it's hard to understand how it could happen, but it did and could the same thing  happen again????


  1. LOL that bad in the kitchen ey?!

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  3. The title reminds me of a line in The Boy Striped Pajamas! But then your line reads from something out of kitchen disasters :)

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