Monday, July 9, 2012

Bargains From Last Week

I haven't found any really good bargains recently, but here are a few I found the past week. I don't search out garage sales because I have way too much stuff. If I'm driving by and it looks like something other than baby items I'll stop. I even try to stay out of the stores, but Friday I had to run into Shopko on my lunch hour and in the clearance section I picked up a box of Keurig k-cups of tea at $6.52.....great price! But when I got home and put them away I remembered that I really don't care for that particular kind.  :-( drat )-:   They are putting the back to school items out already....seems like the kids just got out of fact their last day was June 11.

At our local, small thrift store I found this clutch for $1.50. It still had the tag on it. The clasp looks tarnished, but it is not. Recently I attended a wedding reception and needed a small purse, this is perfect for such occasions. It's not so small that I can't fit what I need into it.

ebisu clutch

 I also got cute lunch bag. It beats my UGLY navy one I was using. It really didn't bother me until I decided to attend the library's brown bag lunch talks. I love lime green. I didn't look it over really good so I didn't notice that the zipper is broken. I had some velcro, so stuck that on and now it is fine.
snazzy lunch bag for brown bag lunch dates ($1.50)

As I was browsing I noticed a small, metal  hand grater in the kitchen tool section. I picked it up because it was so small and my grands use graters to grate sidewalk chalk when they make chalk paint. When I looked closely it said 'Dr Scholls' ....aha, it's a foot file, a good foot file. That went into my cart immediately! I have the pumice stone type but this is a 'heavy duty' one and I love it.

That's all I can think of now.


  1. I love your "new" clutch. Guess I haven't been shopping much in the past week--with two grandsons around, although tomorrow we'll go to the grand opening of a new thrift store. I should be worried.

  2. I'm going to the thrift store tomorrow and hope to find some treasures.
    I would go to the beach alone if I lived by one. Sounds very relaxing.