Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend PotPourri

Since I have been on chemo I am even more of a homebody than usual, I guess I don't mind. This weekend was another quiet, stay at weekend. Hubby is at the golf course all day saturday and Sunday.....that doesn't bother me either. The past couple of Fridays our grandson calls me on friday afternoon to say that mom says he can come over and stay until Sunday.....not asking me, just telling me he's coming over. Guess the other grandparents need a break??? After supper I let him hog my computer and TV, I'll just watch TV in my bed.....I like that plan. Saturday we picked up some groceries.....(not a good plan when he loves to live on junk food and snacks) and we stopped at the farmer's market also for fresh corn on the cob. Later in the day we had more errands to run. Menards had the Cricut tool kit free, with rebate and I just happened to have a $10 rebate so I was good!!! I have a Cameo, not a Cricut, but I wanted a tool kit and they are pretty much the same so I picked that up and bought a bin so I can pack away my summer clothes. I decided to purge in the spring. 
How can I say no to a boy who gives me such notes? How??? I can't. 
I have one on my steering wheel that says "I'm awesome".

This kid is a couch potato so he's not to hard to have here when I am feeling sub-par (like this past weekend). I can't just leave him sit in front of the TV all day. I thought we were going to play a card game, but instead we played army. I don't think I have ever played that before.
Now to play catch up with my housework.
Hope your week is off to a GREAT start!


  1. That sweet boy knows who loves him and who he loves!! He is filling his heart with wonderful memories of his very special grandmother!

  2. You will never know the impact you've made on his life until he is much older. All of his best memories are going to involve you. When he remembers things from his childhood, I bet every sentence he begins will start with "My grandmother always..." or "I remember when my grandmother..." I know it must be difficult for you to have his energy to deal with when you are going through chemo, but he is so very blessed to have you to provide security and love to him at this tender age. I'm sure he loves you more than he lets on and I know you love him with all your heart! God knows best how to meet our needs and sometimes, He meets them through our grandchildren. I know He often does this in my life! God bless you for being a wonderful, kind hearted person, Linda.