Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday

Yes, I do a lot of thinking.....some nonsensical.....some not.

*Monday as I was getting ready I was thinking that, finally, I can stand to look at my bald self in the one else can....just me.
*Are you a 'what if?' person? I'm not. Do you think of the past and What if this happened instead? or What if I had done this instead of that? That question really never pops into my mind. I'm glad, because it doesn't make any difference, it's in the past. Nothing can change it.
*Grand parenting just isn't what it use to be, actually I'm thinking more about grandmas....because I talk to them more often. I feel so bad for the grandma who hasn't seen her grandsons in over a month because she called social services to turn her son in for child abuse. She had to do the right thing. Another grandma I know hasn't seen her grandson in a month because the estranged father won't return the child to his mom....who is an alcoholic and lives across the state from dad. Her mom and dad pretty much finance the daughter's life, even though she does work. One more grandmother is so stressed about her grandson's upcoming wedding. The young couple said they had everything all taken care of.....One week out and everything is not taken care of. Why are people even bothering grandma with this? 
Some of these grandmas have helped raise the grands and it's time for them to enjoy THEIR lives!!!! Yes, I know some young families need mom and dad to watch their children while they work, but it seems to me too many just just ask too much of mom and dad. Not quite time to get off my soapbox.....when I was raising my children the only time I asked either of our mothers to watch the children was if we both had to work. I know my daughter (the oldest grandchild) did spend some extra time with my mom, but not on a regular basis. OK, I'm stepping down from my soapbox. 
I love seeing our grandson every weekend.


  1. I was a single mom when my son was young. my mom was a house wife and she was gracious in carrying for my son from the time he was 4 until he could care for himself. She watched over him until I came home from work. I hired weekend sitters if I went on a date. But I was fortunate that she was there for us. I don't have that option. My son now lives 3000 miles away. So I see my grandson by Skype. I wish I could see him once a month! I was the for a week when he was born, he will be 2 in November. I probably won't se him again until I have the money & time to go there. So to those friends of your that see their grands once a month be thankful. ..

  2. It is different world out there today.
    I do pray for those you mentioned.

  3. Our neighbors daughter had a baby and then went to prison leaving her parents who are in their late 60's to raise her son. So sad! And so stressful for the grandparents especially the grandma. Thank God we've been able to help out. Because we honeschool, we're flexible, we kept him 3 days a week till he turned 3. Now he's in preschool, but we take him to church with us on Sundays. My heart goes out to grandma's having to raise their grandchildren. I know as an older mom(48) I couldn't imagine taking care of a baby! Anyways... your soapbox is just fine! I enjoyed this post :-)

  4. Mom helped me tremendously. But she never babysat for LONG periods of time. Normally an hour or 2 here there.

  5. I rarely saw my grandparents as we lived out of town and it wasn't important to Dad (maybe cause he knew of their disapproval of him?). Anyway, I cherish what few memories I have, even the time Gramma gave me a putch on the butt for not helping with the dishes!

  6. Mine live too far away. I wish they lived a little closer so I could help her a little and see the grands oftener. Not sure I would want them every weekend though. You are such a good grandma!

  7. My parents were young grandparents and enjoyed spending lots of time with the kids back in the day. Mom taught me so much about being a Mom. I learned watching her and asking for lots of advice. I love spending time with our grands. Our youngest daughter and her child live with us, but I really miss our other three which live in Tulsa. It's hard to be a long distance grandparent...It seems the role of Grand parent is different in each family. Lots of variables, ie, distance, health, age, etc.