Friday, August 15, 2014

The Summer That Wasn't

It's the middle of August and as I write this I am sitting outside with a hoodie on....hood up.
That's partly because it's breezy and cool out and partly because I need to keep the sun off my neck. Last week I developed a pain in my hands between my thumb and pointer finger, my chest was red, my arms had red blotches on them, and my hands hurt when put in warm water. A few days ago my hands started was sunburn :-(   I hadn't been out in the sun since the grandchildren were here, but it caught up with me. So now I am following doctor's orders - no sun: long pants, long sleeves, gloves. I love the sun and I miss it but I will stay covered.
Back to the summer that wasn't..............The Old Farmer's Almanac predicted a cooler than usual summer for us this year and it was correct. We're often a bit cooler here (next to Lake Michigan). I don't think we have had many over 70 degree days. I'm not complaining, the temps were perfect for me. Soon it will be autumn. Seems like we were waiting for the hot weather to come....and it never did.....and now it's almost over.
I had so many plans for the many things I wanted to do with the grands, so many improvements I wanted to make to my small flower gardens, and there was even some inside work I had hoped to accomplish. Many of those things did not get crossed off my list. I planted some flowers but haven't been taking very good care of them. I think we went to or had one cookout this summer. I didn't make it to many festivals or celebrations. My friend invited me over for a fire one night but I was too tired to it doesn't seem like I did a lot of summer things. BUT I DID have a good summer- I was able to go on all the trips I had planned and I have spent time with the grands. It was a relaxing summer and I will enjoy a relaxing autumn also. 
This is not my first 'summer that wasn't'.
About 8 years ago, after a chiropractor visit, I developed a herniated disc. That evening I could not get out of bed until I had ingested some pain pills the next morning. That happened a day or 2 before my granddaughter was coming to stay with of many other plans that were cancelled. That summer I spent many weeks in my recliner (including sleeping), only getting up when necessary. After several weeks I had surgery and eventually recovered. That was a hot summer and a very quiet one for me.

I'm not rushing fact I am holding on to summer AS LONG AS I CAN!!!.....but how was your summer???


  1. I can't imagine not having many days over 70! Wow...our summer here in Florida lasts forever...pretty much from April/May until mid September when it finally starts cooling off a little. Most of those days are around 90 degrees...give or take a few! Since we have so many beaches and springs, it is nice that we have a long summer. Swimming and boating are the biggest forms of entertainment here. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. we've had a lot of 90 and above temps here in Georgia. I too had a "summer that wasn't" I'm not complaining for it was a good outcome, my hubby has improved so much and I am so thankful, from March until June18 we drove 100miles round trip every day for his chemo and radiation treatments. We finally are getting out some. Autumn will be welcomed when it gets here. Enjoy each day that you are blessed with.

  3. I had several summers that weren't... I thought we had more days over 80 here, but it was cooler for the most part. Oh well. Such is life.

  4. Yesterday, driving home from work, I was thinking about how my weekdays seem to fly by, which is a good thing; but then my weekends seem to fly by also, which makes me feel like my life is on the highway speeding 200 mph to old age, LOL. I'm trying to make my weekends more me time to slow them down a bit and we shall see how that works out. We've gotten up into the low 90's here this year, but I do remember getting up over 100 degrees some years ago. Life has a way of shredding 'to do' lists, but you actually have done quite a bit, just not much with the yard. My life's been that way this year also. We've just had to let go of more things than we normally do. Quiet summers can be very nice.