Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just A Couple Of Things

Today I stopped at the thrift store because I needed one wooden hanger and some shower curtain rings so I could hang up the scarves that had just been tossed around. I don't need any more jackets,...but I found this cute chocolate colored jacket. At first glance I thought it was leather....but it's not.

I tried it on and thought it looked nice, even the sleeves are long enough and it's not too tight across the bust. I like it and for $5 I brought it home. I am not sure what the white spots are on the bottom picture, the jacket is is very good condition.
BTW I did get my hanger and shower rings.

I needed some kind of container to store paper crafting things in and found this snack box to be the perfect size.....ugly though. And I have 2 boxes of old books from my grandma....I got rid of some but still have some. I think she belonged to a book club. After a brainstorm I decided to cover the box with the old book pages and even put one cover on the inside.

Inside every book she had written her name. Another bright idea.....I ripped out her signature and decoupaged it on the front of my container. 

This is a very roughly covered box. I have another and will be more thoughtful on that one. 
I just wanted to share my idea with you.

I caught up on a few minor things this week. It's good to check one or 2 things off my to do list. 


  1. I am loving that jacket and it looks fabulous on you! Great idea for the scarves too! Sounds like you're having a god week...happy to hear it! Hope the rest of the week goes well for you!
    Blessings, Vicky

  2. I love it! Hope you are feeling better these days and hope you'll be completely whole soon and be done with all the treatments.

  3. I like the jacket and that it is scored!