Sunday, August 3, 2014

More Adventures In Chemo

Friday I had a nice, short day at work.
One of the service guys was just pulling into the yard when I arrived and he got out of his truck and gave me a hug. I like hugs!
I talked to both of my former bosses, one was on his way out so we didn't visit much. The other one talked to me for quite a while....they miss me. They gave me a happy retirement card with a couple of gift cards in it. APPRECIATED!!!!
I had errands to run after work, and did them quickly b/c I was tired. I can't really explain it, but it has to do with my eyes, I think the sun is too bright for me. I just want to shut my when I got home, I did!
Our grandson called and woke me up, he asked if he could come over a day early and stay 2 he's here. I mostly napped all evening and hubby ran grandson J's bathwater and made a pizza for supper. No one gets much out of me the the week after chemo.
Saturday I napped quite a bit too, good thing our grandson is a couch potato and likes to watch TV or play on the computer. 
As I am laying in bed it seems that every bone, muscle, joint in my legs/feet ached. My knees often do, but this was everything.......for several nights. It seemed to be better when I woke up this morning. 
I also developed another, new side effect - diarrhea.... That's been going on for a couple of days too....hope that goes away soon!
It's funny b/c the first 2 days after chemo I was good....then wham! Bam! it hits me. thankfully I should have 2 good weeks. Wish me luck! I just want to get my house back in order after the grands spent the week. I do have some activities planned for this week.....let's hope my plans come to fruition!
Happy first week of August!!!

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  1. Linda, thank you for sharing this. It gives me an idea of what to expect should I find that I have to go through chemo. I go see the oncologist this week and will find out. I pray for you daily and hope you are getting stronger. I am thankful you always seem to have a positive outlook on life and you haven't given up hope. We serve a mighty God and I know He is watching over you!