Saturday, November 9, 2013

Some Nifty Tips

After you've eaten the mini M&Ms (or your grandchild has) save the containers. They are great for storing eyeliner, brushes, or lip pencils when you travel. I used one when I was away at scrapbook retreat and the pencils and brushes were all in one place. I did loose my blush though.  I'm sure they'd work for crafty items too. 

Turn this throwaway hanger into something useful:

The ends make a nice clip for snacks or the chocolate chips you add to zucchini and banana bread and then try to hide from yourself. You do hide the chocolate chips too, right???? It takes a little 'elbow grease' to cut/break off the ends, but the price is right and they work darn good.

I may have posted this idea previously......I keep my computer passwords in an old address book. They are much easier to look up because everything is listed alphabetically. If you are worried about others finding all your passwords just keep it in an obscure place. The new address books have places now for email address, websites, and more, but the old ones work great for passwords and are easily found at thrift stores. I have an old 3-1/2" X  9", spiral bound book that works great for me to write lists on. I need a 'to do' list or I may forget.

The clear, plastic spice bottles work great for storing all those small office items that get lost in my junk drawer: rubber bands, paper clips, push pins, etc.

Those are all the nifty tips I can come up with this saturday morning. Have a great weekend. Looks like it will be a cool, but somewhat sunny day today.

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