Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Cards

As I wrote in a previous post I was busy this weekend putting Christmas cards together.
Some the cards were already made and only need a sentiment stamped inside, a bonus!
Others had been started but not finished.
Most cards were made from bit and pieces of Christmas card embellishments and stamped images that I had on hand from previous years. 
I have over 30 cards ready to go (some still need an inside saying).
I tackled this project partly because I had all the elements together (that was what I was going to do at the scrapbook retreat if my photos didn't arrive in time.) Everything was all together and ready to go.
I had some time before my grandson came over and didn't feel like

The red frame on this card is the scrap from the Stampin' Up Top Note die. I hate to throw things out.

This is made from scraps.
I had the blue piece with PEACE stamped on it, there's a smudge above the PEACE.
You can't see it because I covered it (as stampers do). The mother and child was an image that was leftover from something and it was cut in just that shape.....a light went on and I layered it over the smudge. The left side of the card needed something.................buttons work for me!

I had the embossed white background and the ornaments.
I had to hand cut the green ornament (can you believe I don't have any real green?) because I don't have that punch or die. I embossed the ornaments, they were too boring otherwise, and strung some discarded yarn through the holes (thanks Michele) and called it a cute card!

I found this adorable stocking card already done, ready to go. I think it's Stampin' Up.
The cuff on it pulls up.
Looks like a great place to put a gift card to me.

I am extremely pleased that I have so many cards ready to mail sooooooo early! No 2 cards are the same, so if anyone asks how I made it, I'll have to see the card first.
Hope you enjoy my cards.
Now I need to concentrate on Thanksgiving.

Have a blessed week!!!


  1. Nice looking Christmas cards! Love how your worked around the smudge! I'm working on my cards today. Just needed a break!

  2. Wow- Those look beautiful. I love that you used bits and pieces to do it. I have done crafts my whole life- but never tried making cards. I should try it sometime. xo Diana

  3. Your cards are lovely, and kudos for getting so many done already!

  4. I love the shape of the Madonna piece. Good job!