Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thrift Store Shopping

Even though I am keeping my spending down it doesn't mean that I don't still stop at the thrift store......I get there when I can but I am just more selective with my purchases.
How could I not bring home this book for .25? 
The first book by this author is Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman. I hope I find that one too!
I kinda wanted a 3 tier plate holder...not necessarily a snowman one though, an all season one would have been better for my use. He was $4, I also picked up the green plate on the bottom and the floral middle plate (less than $1 each). The top, little plate (that you can't see) is hand painted by one of my granddaughters. I do not like things too much matchy matchy! He may just be sitting on my Thanksgiving table. We are not too formal here.
The thrift store that I found him in has the whole big basement dedicated just to Christmas. I think a person could buy all their Christmas decorations there! I just glanced at the items because I am trying to get rid of stuff...not bring more home!
I almost wish I had the storage and need for pretty, seasonal dishes, I see so many of them at the thrift stores. If I had 'em I'd use 'em.....pretty things make me smile. 

Our bedspread was getting pretty shabby looking and I was not about to spend $50 - $100 on something that no one would see but us, so I kept my eyes open to something that would go with the light blue/green walls (that I am not fond of, but not ready to paint again - yet). I found this queen (king?) size spread for $8, it's in great condition and very affordable. It wasn't quite was I was looking for but it looks good in the room.
 I picked up this scruffy wreath for $1.50. The lights and bow will come off, not sure about the pine cones. I have a plan and wanted a sparse wreath. If my project turns out good I'll post it, if not???
I also got this adorable 8 X 8 scrapbook which I will give to one of my granddaughters, it was probably $1 or $2. The candle and soap paint I might use with my grandsons. We've already made soap, but we could do candles...or maybe they can paint with the paints.
 Last, but certainly not least, I got this lovely gown for my was.....drum roll......FREE when I stopped in on Halloween. All the costumes were free, there wasn't much left, but this was in the window and I asked if it was was! They'll love it!

Just some of my latest finds. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!!!


  1. I love the scrapbook. You could make a 3 tier plate with vases and plates. I would think you might need to glue them though. The gown is lovely!

  2. Great finds...I do love to go thrifting! It's one of my favorite things to do...:) Have a blessed week...Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane