Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fun - Some Messy and Some Not So Messy

Last weekend our grandson spent some time here. He hadn't been here for 3 weeks so I was almost getting use to doing my own thing. Our saturday night routine is embedded in J's brain. Bath-time, popcorn, movie/TV....bed. Grandpa usually makes the popcorn with J assisting, but now, at 8, he makes his own.....microwave popcorn is easy. But grandpa has J hooked on LOTS of butter....I said "That looks like a lot of butter". "That's how much grandpa uses", is the reply I get.  I sigh. 

He has a very loose tooth that's bothering him, he wiggles and wiggles it and the next thing I know he's showing me his tiny tooth. The tooth fairy left him money and a note. The funny thing is that he said he heard grandpa come upstairs in the wee hours of the morning, but grandpa said he didn't,  so we determined it must have  been the tooth fairy. Grandpa also said someone tracked a trail of leaves into the house when he was asleep, so that sealed the deal. 

He couldn't fall asleep Saturday night and wanted to play a game. At 8:30 at night, when I'm already snug in my bed, I do not feel like playing games. J decides we could play hangman. He has a pencil and I find a notebook and we snuggle in my bed and play. I'm not sure why we had so much fun playing, but we did....we shared some good laughs. 

Sunday we decided to do a craft project but it didn't we moved to plan B. Plan B was shaving cream paint/paper. All of grandpa's shaving cream is gone now....glad I buy the cheap stuff. We filled up a cake pan with shaving cream, added some craft paint, swirled it around, and made some pretty papers. 

It's rather messy.....I am still trying to get the acrylic paint off the Packer shirt. I wasn't thinking about the side effects of the paint when I used it. 

We are not sure what we are going to use the papers for. If he comes over this weekend we'll work on it. 

This is my short week at work, so my weekend has begun (on Wednesday night) - Yay me!!!! I have some fun stuff planned, hope you do too!!!


  1. Oh- We have those lovely messes, too, Linda. LOL Gotta love those kids at gramma's house. If you use that Oooops product you should be able to get the paint offf....just make sure you wash it out of the fabric right away. I put a cloth under the paint stain and use another cloth to dab the Ooops on. Good luck! xo Diana

    1. I don't have any Oooops but have put it on my shopping list.