Sunday, November 24, 2013

What I Do On The Weekends

Usually our 8 year old grandson comes over saturday night and spends the day on Sunday.
Today we made cake pops.
I sent most of them home with him. I also kept some unfrosted ones for me.

Later that sweet, serious, (?) little boy tackled grandpa. 
Earlier in the afternoon they filled up our extra refrigerator with soda. When Kevin and I got married 23 years ago we each had our own appliances, so we put his fridge (the better of the 2) in the basement and got a new one for our 'new' house. That harvest gold fridge quit last month. It was really hard without a 2nd one or even a freezer so hubby went shopping yesterday and bought us a new one. Merry Christmas to us!
J's dad's birthday is on friday so we made a gift for him. 
It started out with a bunch of small jewelry boxes, similar to this. 
Stack 'em together and glue, being sure to keep the bottom flat, if you are going to stand it up.

 J picked out the boxes and arranged them.
After I had them glued I painted them all the same color. 
BTW I found this on Pinterest, where else???
J decorated the insides of the boxes with the shaving cream paper we made the weekend before.
If you look really closely you can see that he did cut out some hearts and write notes in some. 
Did you notice that the 2 long narrow boxes are placed to form an L??? I didn't have anything to do with that.
I was hoping that he'd fill the boxes with something more artistic, but it was his protect and I let him do what he wanted to do.
Eight year old boys are not always the most artistic.

 The one who comes to our house can certainly be lovable though.

How was your weekend?
Turkey day is closing in on us......guess I better get to the grocery store and finish my shopping.


  1. We usually end up with a grandchild on the weekends, too, although it changes from child to child. I had two here this weekend so it was a busy day- one of them was only 1 year old- lots of work but double the fun.

    Glad you had a good weekend and I love how your box project turned out. What a cute idea. xo Diana

  2. Hi Linda! Good to hear from you--looks like you are having fun! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! xoxo