Monday, November 4, 2013

Scrapbook Retreat

Last weekend my friend and I attended a weekend scrapbook retreat at a church camp in central WI. Crossways has 3 camps in WI, this summer I toured 2 of the 3 and have been to the other camp.
I was looking forward to it. I had my photos downloaded and ordered them ahead of time, but apparently not early enough.....because thursday night, when I packed my supplies, I didn't have any photos. Friday morning, just as I was leaving to pick up Deb, I saw the mailman on our street. So after I picked her up I swung past our house and found my photos in the mailbox. I quickly switched out the project I had packed and put my Louisville scrapbook supplies in. I forgot to throw in embellishments, other than 2 sticker my pages are pretty plain. 
This is our view as we worked. Saturday it was gloomy but Sunday it was sunny.

The chapel.

The Cedar Lodge is going to be taken down. We were lucky enough to have Marty, the camp director, give us a tour and home history of the building. There is some beautiful wood inside.

 This our crafting room. There were 7 of us upstairs and 4 ladies downstairs. Evergreen Lodge is really nice. Most of the rooms have 2 beds and 2 rooms share a bathroom. Bed and bath linens are supplied. Three wonderful meals are served every day. All we have to do is walk the short distance to the dining hall and clear our dishes. 
 Before we left on sunday afternoon we took a short walk around the camp. LOVE the cross with the Pine lake in the background. 
 Some very basic pages.

 I kinda like the collage of all the architecture. 
 I tried some 'project life' type pages. I'm not sure if I like this style.
It was a good weekend. We started out a little later on friday than I had planned. About 1/2 way there we had lunch at Red Lobster and stopped at Archiver's where we each got a free 5" X 7" photo and a few other items. We also stopped at another thrift store and looked around.
We arrived at camp early and were planning to drop our scrapbooking totes off then find someplace to eat. BUT we were pleasantly surprised (because we didn't check the website first) that dinner was included in our fee. After we left on sunday afternoon we stopped at a liquidators that is right on our way home and picked up a couple of things there.
I got home about 5PM and boy was I glad to be home. I made a quick dinner for hubby (who at work) and  decided to go to bed  really early.....and got 2 phone calls. No one calls me all weekend, except when I want to go to bed on sunday night. 

That was my weekend....hope yours was great also!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I couldn't get a good picture of the cross in front of the lake.

  2. Sounds like you and Deb had a great time! Those photos are amazing. I have to look up and see how far Pine Lake is from Green Bay- not all that far, I bet. Glad you had so much fun and your pages look great to me! xo Diana

  3. Awesome place for a scrapbook retreat! I would LOVE to go on one. It's always nice to get some crafting done.